Wildflowers flourish across the Texas Hill Country. The bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, red poppies, purple tansy, ox-eyed daises, winecups and firewheels bloom throughout the spring, and their blankets of colors can be seen in roadside fields and at Wildseed Farms.

2023 Wildflower Update as of September 12, 2023

As summer draws to a close, the 2023 wildflower season has ended. This year's flowers have gone to seed. The Old Farmer's Almanac predicts a mild and wetter than usual winter for the Texas Hill Country as the El Niño phenomenon strengthens in the coming months. This should bring welcome rains throughout the winter. Stay tuned and check back in early 2024 for a spring update!

Places to See Wildflowers

The arrival and location of wildflowers is not always an exact science. Weather as well as other factors play a part in when and where wildflowers will pop up each spring. Below is a look at some areas that generally have an abundance of color around Fredericksburg. The scenic drives to these locations can also provide breathtaking wildflower views. Insider tip: Be sure to respect the traffic laws and private property. 

Wildseed Farms

No matter when you visit, you are most likely to find something blooming at Wildseed Farms, the nation’s largest working wildflower farm located just outside Fredericksburg. You can walk the pathways that wind through the magnificent fields, find a perfect selection of wildflower seeds in the gift shop to make your own display at home, or sit and enjoy lunch at the café.

Visit the nation’s largest working wildflower farm. The farm has more than 1,000 cultivated acres in Texas and over 200...

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Visit the nation’s largest working wildflower farm. The farm has more than 1,000 cultivated acres in Texas and over 200...

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love Fredericksburg wildflowers

As part of the Love FBGTX campaign, please join us in enjoying and protecting the beauty of Fredericksburg's great wildflowers. Here are ways to Love Fredericksburg Wildflowers.

  1. Do not cross fences to take pictures or view wildflowers. Fences typically indicate private property area's where untamed animals and/or vulnerable crops are located. 
  2. When viewing wildflowers, please park only in designated areas and do not hinder the flow of traffic.
  3. Please do not pick or damage wildflowers, so that others can enjoy their beauty. 
  4. Do not litter. Trash hinders the growth and limits the beauty of wildflowers.
  5. Where wildflowers grow is also home wildlife, including snakes, bugs and stickers. Please use caution when enjoying wildflowers on foot.

Learn more ways to Love Fredericksburg at LoveFBGTX.com.

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