Press Visit Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Fredericksburg and Gillespie County. The Fredericksburg Convention & Visitor Bureau (FCVB) assists journalists with promotional stories about the Fredericksburg area by suggesting attractions, cultural venues and other points of interest and by suggesting itineraries and providing local contact information, fact checking services, and other assistance as needed, depending on individual media needs.

To most effectively meet your needs as a journalist, we ask your cooperation in following these guidelines:

  • Contact the FCVB with as much lead time as possible by calling 830-997-6523, via email at Or, stop by the FCVB offices at 302 E. Austin Street, in Fredericksburg, Texas.
  • If contacting via email, include a letter of assignment from the media organization you represent and a description of your assigned story, including what you intend to cover and the date the story will be published or aired.  If contacting via phone, follow-up with the above.
  • Provide samples of previously published stories or links to posts.  If you are a freelance journalist, this will be especially helpful in coordinating your visit.  Based on the number of requests for press trip assistance, the FCVB makes every effort to provide due diligence to verify validity of media requests and credentials.
  • Depending on the nature of the assignment and length of stay, FCVB can assist you with accommodations, suggested itineraries, passes to attractions and more.  Please note that complimentary arrangements are provided through the discretion of host businesses and are subject to the availability and interest of each property and at the discretion of the FCVB.  Black-out periods may be experienced during the year (such as weekends during the spring and fall months and over the winter holidays) which may necessitate a press rate, especially for hotel accommodations and meals.  Also, please note that complimentary accommodations include only room rate and tax, not incidentals such as phone charges, hotel bar tabs, or room service.
  • Please understand that the primary concern of the FCVB is assisting working press.  Host locations are not always able to accommodate spouses, children and guests accompanying working press.
  • While complimentary meals may be requested, they are provided at the discretion of the host restaurant and at the discretion of the FCVB.  Complimentary meals may exclude alcohol and will only be for one person, unless the host/FCVB wishes to extend the invitation to additional guests.
  • FCVB does not provide transportation to our destination for individual media visits.
  • Photos are available for editorial use only in Fredericksburg area articles. Please contact Amanda Koone, Director of Communications, via email at for assistance.
  • FCVB cannot guarantee assistance with each media press trip request.  Requests are evaluated on an individual basis.
  • Immediately notify the FCVB staff with any changes in plans.

Fact Checking for Fredericksburg Area Stories
Fact checking services are offered to journalists writing about the Fredericksburg/Gillespie County area.  To submit a manuscript, please email  Please specify your deadline and allow for at least a 48-hour (business hours) turnaround.  You may also call (830) 997-6523 during normal business hours.

Digital Press Kit
A digital press kit is available containing current Fredericksburg area press releases, a selection of images, artwork of Texas map, and FCVB logo (for editorial use only). To request a digital press kit, please email

Area Collaterals
The Fredericksburg Visitor Information Center at 302 E. Austin Street in Fredericksburg, run by the FCVB, stocks a large assortment of free area venue collaterals (rack cards), maps, live music entertainment lists, event calendars and more.

Photo/Film Shoots in the Fredericksburg Area
At its discretion, the FCVB provides assistance to creative/production teams on media-related and consumer catalog photo shoots, and on film production shoots, providing location search assistance, city contacts for permissions, local contact information, local search suggestions for props, and other assistance on an individual basis.  A member of the FCVB is available to accompany photography teams on location shoots when needed.

Fredericksburg is proud to be one of the Texas Film Commission's Film-Friendly Communities.

film-friendly logo

Again, thank you for your interest in Fredericksburg and Gillespie County.  We look forward to assisting you with your research.  Please contact us should you have any questions about these guidelines – (830) 997-6523.  Willkommen!

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The helpful and knowledgeable staff of the Fredericksburg Convention & Visitor Bureau is on hand to assist you with...

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The helpful and knowledgeable staff of the Fredericksburg Convention & Visitor Bureau is on hand to assist you with...

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