FarmHaus Antiques
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FarmHaus Antiques


FarmHaus Antiques on Main Street in Fredericksburg has the perfect blend on display for living in homes in a vintage and a current context. The blend of vintage and modern for homes is evident in the immaculate merchandising displays. Owner Hollie Fairchild builds around authentic antiques with a mix of newer, functional items in a seemingly effortless way. Her antiques hold space for the dramatic, while her vintage-inspired pieces invoke the basic desires to live simply and well. Substance and purpose work hand in hand with Hollie as she masterfully merchandises and creates a unique environment and living space.



Hours of Operation
  • Monday: 10AM-5PM
  • Tuesday: 10AM-5PM
  • Wednesday: 10AM-5PM
  • Thursday: 10AM-5PM
  • Friday: 10AM-5PM
  • Saturday: 10AM-6PM
  • Sunday: 9AM-4PM