Rolled out in February 2022, the Love FBGTX campaign debuted with seven different themes. It launched with the initial ad below, which speaks to the heart of how everyone can Love FBGTX.

Initial Ad

These themes will be featured at different times of the year and in a variety of mediums, including advertising, grassroots efforts and public relations.

Explore the campaign's additional themes by clicking the images below.

Love Fredericksburg Outdoors Ad

Love Fredericksburg Dark Skies Ad

Love Fredericksburg Wildflowers Ad

Neighborhood Scene

Love Fredericksburg Ranches & Farms Ad

Love Fredericksburg Main Street Ad Update


Grassroots Efforts

Public Art at Visitor Center

Signage at VIC

Partner Event at Visitor Center

Love FBGTX Stewarddship Branding

Coffee Sleeve Distribution

Stewardship Swag Example

Speaker Series to Local Organizations

Stewardship Campaign Speaker Series

175th Anniversary Parade Float

Love FBGTX Trailer

Fan Distribution During Parade

175th Parade Stewardship Branding

Signage Distribution at Local Hotels

Trueheart Hotel Displays Stewardship Campaign

Sticker Distribution to Locals

Stewardship Campaign Sticker Distribution