The guiding principle of the Love FBGTX campaign is to treat Fredericksburg as if it was your hometown. Whether it's your first time here or this is your go-to vacation spot, join us in caring for our community so it continues to be a special place for future generations. 

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Ways To Be A Good Visitor

Be Texas-Friendly - Visitors are encouraged to care for the community, just like locals. Treat Fredericksburg as if it were your hometown. Whether you're just here for the night or you're taking an extended vacation, be a good steward. 

Honor History and Heritage - Take the time to learn about Fredericksburg's rich German history. Settled in 1846, the town continues to celebrate its roots. 

Support Local Businesses - Home to hundreds of locally owned businesses, take time to support our community. Fredericksburg offers world-famous peaches, pecans, produce and many more locally made products. 

Preserve the Natural Beauty and Share the Road - Stay on designated trails and take only pictures as souvenirs. Plan ahead when visiting town. 

Dispose of Trash Properly - Help keep our town clean by properly disposing of trash. 

Preserve the Night Skies - Turn off outside lights when not in use and take a few minutes to gaze up at the night sky. 

Drive Responsibly and Use Crosswalks - Use caution while driving and obey traffic signals. Follow the speed limit. Pass slow-moving vehicles with caution. Use designated crosswalks. Home to Texas Wine Country, we encourage all to taste Texas' vino responsibly. 

Respect Neighbors - Many vacation rentals are in residential areas, so be a good neighbor. Monitor noise. Observe burn bans. Park in designated areas. Throw trash away and turn off outdoor lights when not in use.

These simple actions will help Fredericksburg continue to be a special place for all to enjoy.