It's called "Shopping Heaven".

Fredericksburg Shopping

The more than 150 locally-owned stores, boutiques and art galleries give shoppers plenty of reasons to visit Fredericksburg. You'll find a staggering collection of home décor. Women's fashion ranging from vintage to upscale contemporary. Plus handmade jewelry, antiques, artwork, gifts and much more.

love Fredericksburg Main Street

As part of the Love FBGTX campaign, please join us in enjoying and preserving Fredericksburg's Main Street. Here are ways to Love Fredericksburg Main Street.

  1. Use caution while driving - obey traffic signals and watch for pedestrians.
  2. Be careful when walking - use crosswalks and watch out for cars. 
  3. Shop local and support Fredericksburg's small businesses.
  4. Do not litter. Place all trash in designated containers.
  5. Be Texas Friendly to other shoppers, store staff and locals. 

Learn more ways to Love Fredericksburg at

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