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On Responsible tourism

What is responsible tourism?

The terms responsible tourism and sustainable tourism have been around for decades, but the push from destinations regionally, nationally, and internationally to cultivate it has increased dramatically in the last three to five years. Responsible tourism means keeping the great benefits of tourism, while making sure resident quality of life remains ideal.

Why does Fredericksburg need a stewardship campaign?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fredericksburg’s popularity has grown, highlighting new and existing challenges. There are opportunities for improvement in both resident quality of life and visitor experience.

On the Love FBGTX Campaign

Why was the Love FBGTX campaign created?

The Love FBGTX campaign was created to encourage residents and visitors to care for the town in the present and to work to ensure that it continues to be a special place for future generations.

Who created the Love FBGTX campaign?

The Fredericksburg Convention & Visitor Bureau created the Love FBGTX campaign to help balance resident quality of life and visitor satisfaction. 

On the Benefits of Tourism In FBGTX

What does tourism provide to Fredericksburg?

Tourism is one of the county’s largest industries. Over 100 restaurants, 150 shops and 50 wineries that locals and visitors can enjoy. Locals receive property tax break thanks to large sales tax collections. Lodging occupancy taxes collected by the city and county support area museums, historic sites and our nonprofit arts organizations, which provide cultural experiences for residents and visitors alike.

On Preserving FBGTX

Who is responsible for the preservation of Fredericksburg?

As Fredericksburg wraps up celebrating its 175th Anniversary, the call to protect and preserve its rich history and heritage is more evident than ever. The town’s roots and the way they are still present today are a driver of local pride and tourism interest. Therefore, we are all responsible keeping Fredericksburg a special place.

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