Same Great Town, Slower Pace

For years, Fredericksburg has been a favorite weekend destination of Texans, but these days the Texas Hill Country is one of the best places to visit during the week as well.

The area features a great variety of things to do and there are many advantages to taking a Sunday through Thursday trip to town. Below is a look at all of the perks of a midweek getaway to Texas Wine Country.

During the spring, wildflowers will be in bloom starting in early April and Wildseed Farms is open seven days a week. Starting in late May, Texas Hill Country orchards will be offering the sweetest and juiciest peaches in Texas

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Our founders knew this was someplace special when they planted roots here in 1846. Behind the elegant shops and fine dining, you can feel the authentic German soul and see reminders of a by-gone era cemented into history - like the original iron horse rings preserved on the sidewalks of historic Main Street. Come. Explore. Fall in love.

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