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  • Where to See Wildflowers,


Whether you thank Mother Nature or Ladybird Johnson, the Texas Hill Country is the home of wildflowers. Drawing many visitors during the spring, the Gillespie County wildflower season is usually like a fireworks display on the ground — filled with bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush, Mexican Hat and many others. Over 5,000 wildflower species make their home in the State of Texas, products of the state’s different ecosystems. The Texas Hill Country is defined by limestone cliffs, granite outcrops and hidden springs, providing diverse habitats for wildflowers. But if you want to take some home with you, don’t pick them—visit Wildseed Farms, the nation’s largest wildflower farm located just outside Fredericksburg. During the blooming season, it’s a sea of red, blue or yellow along HWY 290. You can walk the pathways that wind through the magnificent fields, find a perfect selection of wildflower seeds in the gift shop to make your own display at home, or sit and enjoy lunch at the café.