Emigrant's Inn
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Emigrant's Inn: Suites 1-8


The owners of Emigrant's Inn play a huge role in honoring this communities history, its stories and its wonder.  After they purchased the property in 2017, they wanted to remember that Fredericksburg was built by people from all over the world, and that people from all over the southwest came here for hundreds of years to trade, to celebrate, and now to relax and taste wines! So come to Emigrant's Inn and the Cottages at Emigrant's Inn and see what all the fuss is about! We treat you like you want to be treated! Beautiful eight room Inn just steps from the Historic Main Street Shops and restaurants.  Each suite has a king size bed, large Jacuzzi tub with hand held shower and three of the suites have a separate large walk-in shower, large cable TV in each bedroom along with coffee maker and coffee. Pool and patio. Ask about The Cottages at Emigrant's Inn to accommodate even more guests - Elizabeth's Haus and Peggy's Place.



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  • Number of Guests:
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  • Property Type: Inn
  • Location:
    • In Town
  • Peak Price Range: $$
  • Breakfast: None
  • Swimming Pool:
  • TV:
  • WiFi:
  • Max Capacity: 16
  • FBGTX Permit Number: 8056000262,8056000263,8056000264,8056000265,8056000266,8056000267,8056000268,8056000269