Cheeky Charcuterie
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Cheeky Charcuterie


Cheeky Charcuterie is a food service providing people in the Hill Country with arranged food platters and decorations to make your stay in Fredericksburg, Texas fun and unforgettable. Cheeky Charcuterie understands the importance of quality and includes unique cheeses and robust meats along with an assortment of fresh fruits, crackers, nuts and jams to make your event spectacularly memorable. Whether you are bringing your girlfriends out to celebrate your bachelorette party, hosting a seasonal event, or riding along a wine tour bus: they've got you covered by bringing services to you. There is no limit to where our services can take you. They believe the combination of decorations and charcuteries will take your party to the next level.



Hours of Operation
  • Monday: 9AM-6PM
  • Tuesday: 9AM-6PM
  • Wednesday: 9AM-6PM
  • Thursday: 9AM-6PM
  • Friday: 9AM-6PM
  • Saturday: 9AM-6PM
  • Sunday: 9AM-6PM