Big Sky Guest House
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Big Sky Guest House


Get away from it all at the Big Sky Guest House, a rustic metal roofed guest house. Located 15 miles from Downtown Fredericksburg, Big Sky Guest House is the perfect spot to get away from the stress of everyday life. The only traffic jam you'll experience here is when the local cows, goats, or sheep decide the grass really is greener on the other side! Bring your telescope or your camera to enjoy a night sky unspoiled by the lights of the big city, or just sit out on the front porch with the beverage of your choice and drink it in with your eyes. In the morning, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea on the back landing while you watch the sun come up to the sounds of nature and feel your stress melt away. The Big Sky Guest House is located on a 28-acre ranch with two resident Texas Longhorns. Other wildlife you may see: hawks, humming birds, painted buntings and other songbirds, wild turkeys, white tailed deer, fox, and armadillos. You'll also see and hear the not-so-wild goats, sheep, cows, llamas, and donkeys on neighboring ranches. Two bedrooms and one bathroom sleep up to 6 guests.



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  • Number of Guests:
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    • 3-6
  • Property Type: Guesthouse
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  • Breakfast: None
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  • Max Capacity: 6