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Gillespie County Country Schools Driving & Cycling Trails

Gillespie County Country Schools Driving & Cycling Trails

As many as 44 rural schools were in operation around Fredericksburg in the early 20th century. In 1949, the Gilmer-Aikin Law consolidated all the schools and remarkably, the main buildings at only two of the 44 schools were demolished in the decades following. Many of the structures are still maintained and used as community centers, polling places and event rental sites.

View 17 of the historic country schools in Gillespie County by car or bicycle. A special map with highlighted routes will direct visitors to schools in a particular quadrant of the county. Driving times on routes vary from one hour in length to half a day. Free maps of the trail are available at the Visitor Information Center located at 302 East Austin Street in downtown Fredericksburg or for download here:

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