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23rd Annual Grape Stomp at Becker Vineyards (2)

Aug 31 2019 to Sep 01 2019

Grape Stomping is the traditional way of separating juice from skins (white wine process) or wine from skins (red wine process). Guests can stomp grapes for fun and put their “stomp” prints on the backs of their souvenir tee shirt! And there is more!!! On Sunday, September 1st, we will judge the “Lucy & the Italian Woman Costume Contest” for the best Lucille Ball & the Italian Woman impersonation! Dress up, join the fun & drink some wine!

Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm; Sunday from Noon to 6 pm.  Stomping is free.

Address: 464 Becker Farms Rd.
Phone: 8306442681

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