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ZZ Top Tribute Show CANCELLED


PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Presenting the ZZ-KC Eliminator Show, an amazing ZZ Top Tribute Show, that passionately pays homage to the world-renowned ZZ Top by recreating their amazing four decade rise to international fame!  ZZ Top's accomplishments include seventeen top-forty hits, induction into the rock and roll hall of fame as well as sales of over one-hundred mullion copies of their down-south mix of delta blues, country Jesus and gospel music which created a musical phenomena in the early seventies that would mold American music for decades to come!

The members of ZZ KC pay much attention to detail - from the beards, to the trademark ZZ Top attire, Twirling Fuzzy Guitars as well as the persona, musical equipment and, most of all, the accurate replication of the music!!

Doors open one hour prior the show and refreshments will be available throughout the show and during intermission.