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Winter Southern Comfort Cooking at Fischer & Wieser Culinary Adventure Cooking School


 Roll up your sleeves and dive into this hand-on cooking class. Our experienced chefs will guide you through each step, from preparing the flavorful black-eyed pea salad to mastering the art of making tender chicken and dumplings.  Learn the secrets behind crafting classic Southern sides such as green beans, perfectly seasoned and cooked to Southern perfection. Understand the importance of complementing the main dishes with flavorful and traditional sides.  Conclude your cooking adventure with the creation of a mouthwatering bread pudding, a true Southern favorite. Discover the sweet indulgence that perfectly caps off a hearty Southern meal.  Menu ~ First Course - Black Eyed Pea Salad.   Main  Courses - Chicken and Dumplings and Green Beans.  Dessert -  Bourbon Bread Pudding.