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St. Martin's Day Celebration at The Pioneer Museum


The event will be held at the Pioneer Museum to tell the story of Saint Martin. Saint Martin’s Day, observed on November 11, is the feast day of Saint Martin of Tours, a baptized Roman soldier who became the bishop of a French town. He’s known for cutting his cloak in half to share it with a beggar during a snowstorm. Saint Martin’s Day now often involves feasts, dances, and bonfires. After dark, children carry lanterns through the streets, singing songs that earn them candy rewards. Children attending the event are asked to dress in red as the traditional celebration includes children in red capes to symbolize the cloak, carrying lanterns and singing to receive a sweet treat (candy). Children to make their own lantern (or can bring a flashlight), followed by story time around the campfire, to tell the story of Saint Martin. Following story time, children will learn a quick song to sing and then set off to collect sweet treats on the grounds of the Pioneer Museum