Visit Fredericksburg, Texas

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You will never quite appreciate the Texas Hill Country until you’ve explored it on a bike. Those amazing scenic overlooks are even more spectacular after your effort getting to the top. It’s quiet. It’s peaceful. It’s the perfect place to challenge your cycling stamina and recharge your inner calm at the same time. Not that hard core? No worries. There’s plenty of softer routes for a nice back country road excursion. Bring your own bike or rent one here. Local bike shops can help you be ready for your ride, whether you need an extra tube or extra encouragement. Celebrating a great ride after you’re done is half the fun, right? That’s why Fredericksburg is the perfect “home base” for Hill Country cycling. There are a myriad of restaurants, live music venues, wineries, breweries, shopping and of course, spas to relive those aching muscles. There’s lodging of every shape and size and many cater specifically to cyclists. So come make yourself at home and go for a ride.

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