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Tips for Shopping in Fredericksburg — with the Kiddos JUN 14 2019

Tips for Shopping in Fredericksburg — with the Kiddos

We understand. Shopping is not always high on the list of exciting things for the youngest members of the family, so here are a few helpful tips to make it memorable for them, and enjoyable for all.

  • Treat Stations: You’d think this was pre-planned but it just so happens there are conveniently placed “treat stations” sprinkled throughout the shopping district—shops with homemade ice cream and monster cookies. Candy stores with a fun selection of crazy treats. And TWO popcorn stores (Big Pop’s Popcorn Co. and Fredericksburg’s Popcorn Emporium) with every flavor under the sun. You’ll see — one trip inside will keep them going.
  • Toy Shops: The toy shops are a must! Dooley’s Five & Dime (a truly historic Fredericksburg experience) has a fun toy section and will bring you back to the 50’s the second you walk through the door. Old Thyme Fun Shop is your place for magic, funny gags and practical jokes. The tween and teens will love it! The Fredericksburg General Store is a good stop too, with lots of quality souvenirs.
  • Animals: Most kids love pets, so a visit into Dogologie is a fun adventure for all. Plus, it’s just one more place the four-legged “kids” in the family can enjoy.
  • Photo Ops: Have your kids watch for photo ops, like the big M&M character in front of Lone Star Candy Bar, or the statue of Admiral Nimitz in front of the Nimitz Museum. Make it a game to see how many they can find.
  • Restrooms: This is a great thing to keep in mind. On the East end of the shopping district, there are restrooms located at the Visitor Information Center just one block off of Main Street at 302 East Austin Street (Corner of E. Austin and N. Lincoln). In the middle of the shopping district, there are restrooms located on the northwest corner of W. Main and N. Adams (the block with the park). And on the West end of Main Street, there are restrooms located at the corner of W. Main Street and S. Milam Street at the Pioneer Museum.
  • Marktplatz Park: Right in the middle of the shopping district is our Marktplatz. You’ll see the white six-sided structure in the center. The park features green space, some historical exhibits, pavilions with park bench tables, plenty of shade, and a playground. It’s a perfect spot to take a break and give the kids some “out of the stroller’ time while working your way from one end of town to the other. While you’re there, you can’t miss the Vereins Kirche Museum (called “the VK” by most locals). It’s the most iconic structure in town and inside you can learn about the history of Fredericksburg!

Happy shopping!

Click here for our full list of shops

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