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Top 10 reasons to visit the Pacific Combat Zone and see the Living History Reenactments MAY 19 2017

Top 10 reasons to visit the Pacific Combat Zone and see the Living History Reenactments

After an $8 million dollar renovation, the National Museum of the Pacific War unveiled its new Pacific Combat Zone in March of 2017. If you haven’t been yet, make your plans now.  It’s one of the hottest tickets in Fredericksburg. Here’s why:

  1. It’s LIVE education: As our World War II veterans age, most young people can only begin to understand this era through history books. Through these reenactments, history comes to life — from the showcase of military weaponry described in detail — to the choreography of battle, the impact is greater than anything one could ever read on paper.
  2. It’s goosebump-causing action: Get your kids to put down the video game controllers and come watch some real action. A whole cast of passionate U.S. Marine reenactors put you on the front line as they move in to capture fortified positions form the Japanese defenders. You’ll see guns, tanks, explosions, flamethrowers… even a landing craft that “comes ashore.”
  3. It’s authentic: Thanks to a crew of dedicated historians, employees and volunteers, the Living History Reenactments are dedicated to making every aspect of the reenactments authentic — from the “set” to the weaponry, to the uniforms. You might say, the only thing that’s missing is live ammo.
  4. It’s family-oriented: Let’s be honest. It can be hard these days to find activities that the whole family will enjoy together. Get there early, sit toward the front and one of your kids might end up being a volunteer soldier. (A slight spoiler about audience participation.)
  5. It promotes respect & appreciation: “We do what we do because they did what they did.” You’ll hear this phrase used at the Pacific Combat Zone. It’s a heartfelt statement the National Museum of the Pacific War holds dear.These reenactments are not for “shock and awe” but to truly renew our respect and appreciation for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. You will feel this spirit of respect throughout the presentation. Not only by the reenactors themselves, but also by the staff and other volunteers.
  6. It’s close to Main St.: The Pacific Combat Zone in located right in the heart of Fredericksburg Texas, just one block off Main Street. Walking distance to the Museum itself, and many, many shops, restaurants and lodging properties.
  7. It’s surprising affordable: Considering the entertainment level, interactive and educational value — and how much it costs to produce — the Living History Reenactments are extremely affordable for visitors. Adults are only $10. Students are $5 and children under 6 are free.
  8. It’s Interactive: Upon entering the main plaza of the Pacific Combat Zone, have fun exploring on the scaled world map underfoot. Adjacent exhibits will have you stepping onto the deck of a PT Boat and testing your skills on state-of-the-art table top games featuring the TBM Avenger. Very cool!
  9. It’s completely Safe: All this talk of guns and tanks and firepower may alarm you, but the reenactments are extremely safe. The stadium seating faces the “set”. The guns all shoot blanks. The reenactors are extremely trained in safety. They even provide ear plugs to protect ears from the noise. Every precaution has been taken.
  10. And…you might meet a real WWII Veteran: Perhaps one of the most special moments at the reenactments is when they recognize any WWII veterans who might be in attendance. You can usually spot them in the crowd by the wave of their WWII Veteran cap. They are few and far between now, so it’s a special day when you get to meet one of these living legends in person.

You really can’t go wrong with a visit to the Pacific Combat Zone. But remember, they don’t do it every weekend, so check the calendar. While you’re here, of course check out the rest of the National Museum of the Pacific War. It’s so incredible your ticket is good for TWO full days and the façade of the museum faces Main St. Fredericksburg featuring plenty of shops and restaurants.  Get ready for some action-packed adventure.

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