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Elton John Tribute Show at Rockbox Theater

Aug 12 2017 to Aug 12 2017

Rocketmen – The Music of Elton John.  Few rock stars on the planet have had the kind of career that Sir Elton John has had.  For over 30 years, the legendary singer/pianist has splashed the charts and airwaves with some of the most iconic music in rock history.  The Rocketmen have recreated that music with stellar musicianship and vocal prowess so that the lines are blurred between their powerful stage performance and the original records.  Come immerse yourself in the timeless music of Elton John and relive the beautiful memories of his classic songs!

3 and 8 pm.  $42/$47 per person.

Address: 109 N. Llano
Phone: (830) 997-7625

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