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2018 Grape Stomp Season is Here! JUL 19 2018

2018 Grape Stomp Season is Here!

August means the end of summer- and the start of the grape harvest in Fredericksburg! Each August many of the Texas Hill Country wineries begin the harvest of their annual grape crop. With a warmer than usual winter, many growers are hoping for a plentiful and early grape crop in 2018.

So how does one celebrate the grape harvest? By spending a few days in Fredericksburg and attending a grape stomp, then enjoying a week of wine, shopping and culinary adventures!

A mechanical press is now used in the commercial production of wine, but stomping grapes is an age-old tradition dating back to the ancient Romans, who made their wine by stomping on grapes to extract the juice, beginning the fermentation process and eventually developing into wine.

Grape stomp festivities are fun for the entire family and Fredericksburg has plenty of grape stomp opportunities throughout the month of August and into Labor Day Weekend, including…

For a full lineup of upcoming wine events in Fredericksburg, such as Grape Stomps and harvest celebrations, click here.

5 Tips for Grape Stomping Like a Pro

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