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Authentic German Cuisine: Der Lindenbaum OCT 27 2014

Authentic German Cuisine: Der Lindenbaum

Among the many German restaurants in Fredericksburg, Der Lindenbaum is unique in that it specializes in the foods of the Rheinland region of Germany, not often found in the United States. Chef/owner Ingrid Hohmann opened the restaurant with a commitment to serving the real deal German food. She named the restaurant after Germany’s beloved linden tree, which grew in front of her family’s home in the Eifel Mountains of Germany. Ms. Hohmann graduated from the prestigious hotel and restaurant school at Maria Laach, beginning her career as a konditormeister, or pastry chef, creating luscious apple strudels, Black Forest cakes, and other classic European pastries, which are showcased in the restaurant.

Der Lindenbaum is a small restaurant, and the intimate rock-walled dining room extends a cozy ambiance. The bill of fare offers a wide variety of tantalizing dishes, something to please every palate. One of the restaurant’s specialties is Königsberger Klopse, a fabulous dish of beef and pork meatballs swimming in a delicate caper sauce over egg noodles. Other excellent dishes are Rheinischer Sauerbraten, a steamship round of beef marinated for an entire week in a sweet and sour sauce redolent with ginger, then slow-roasted until it’s fork tender. Not to be missed is the Schwinekotelett, tender pork chops napped with a heavenly mustard sauce. For fans of what is generally agreed to have been the original inspiration for Texas’s iconic chicken-fried steak, Der Lindenbaum has a great selection of Schnitzels: Wiener, Jaeger, paprika, and Kase-style cutlets. Gulasch, a spicy beef stew, will not disappoint, nor will the Curry Hahn, a delectable chicken curry. Der Lindenbaum features top notch German sausages, plus many other dishes. Side dishes are tradition and crafted from scratch, paired to match each entrée.

You’ll find one of the Hill Country’s best selections of German beer and wine at Der Lindenbaum – requisite beverages for Ingrid’s food. And, of course, you’ll want to save room for those sinfully rich German desserts with which she began her culinary career and has honed to perfection over the years.

Do note that Der Lindenbaum does not accept Visa or Mastercard, but will happily honor your Amex or Discover card, or, of course, cash.  312 E. Main Street, Fredericksburg. (830) 997-9126.

By Terry Thompson-Anderson

Chef, Cookbook Author, Culinary/Wine Consultant

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