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A Hill Country Feast from the Terroir of all Texas Terroirs – Newsom Vineyards NOV 07 2011

A Hill Country Feast from the Terroir of all Texas Terroirs – Newsom Vineyards

(Excerpt from a guest post on the Vintage Texas blog; text and photo used with permission.)

All lovers of Texas wine should certainly know Ross Burtwell, owner of the Cabernet Grill in Fredericksburg.  Ross is a talented and innovative chef who has developed his menu to reflect the way we eat in Texas today.  Each dish shows his passion for food, weaving flavors that pair beautifully with Texas wines.  A few years back, Ross made the decision to dedicate his entire wine list solely to Texas wines.  He’s never looked back, and today Cabernet Grill is known as the destination restaurant for experiencing perfect pairings of Texas foods with Texas wines, virtual proof that “what grows together, goes together.”

Ross began to do some serious Winemaker Dinners, creating luscious menus paired with the wines from specific wineries.  The dinners, which allowed diners to not only taste a cross section of wine varietals and styles from Texas winemakers, but to meet and talk with them as well, have been enormously popular.

A few months ago I was talking to Ross and he mentioned another innovation he was adding to the special dinners.  He said that he was doing a dinner based on wines from four different wineries, but  made from grapes grown by the same grape grower on Thursday, November 3rd.  The grower Ross had in mind was Neal Newsom, one of the state’s most respected growers, with 90 acres of vineyards in the Texas High Plains near Lubbock.  I was intrigued with the idea and made plans to attend.

It was a meal I’ll not soon forget… (read more)

Terry Thompson Anderson
Chef and Author

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