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How “enchanted” is Enchanted Rock? OCT 20 2011

How “enchanted” is Enchanted Rock?

Early Native Americans considered what is now known as Enchanted Rock State Natural Area to be haunted. The rock creaks. It groans. Something magical, or even supernatural, must be occurring on this distinctive pink dome. They were afraid.

These crackling sounds and their mysterious source gave Enchanted Rock its name.

Even today the sounds can be heard. You may have heard them yourself if you have ever camped there overnight.

Is it haunted? Think about it. It dates back almost one billion years and is considered to be formed from the outcrop of a volcano, making it a batholith—and the nation’s second largest, at that. You can see where something may have happened on this site somewhere in time. And traces of this marvelous event still echo in the quiet of the night.

But no.

Geologists have since theorized that the sounds are caused by the granite swelling from the heat of the day and retracting during the cool of the night. It’s science. It’s not supernatural. In fact, it is very natural—which makes it a cool phenomenon.

Somewhat enchanting, don’t you think?

Laura Short
Electronic Marketing Manager, Fredericksburg Convention and Visitor Bureau

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