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“The Four Seasons of Fredericksburg” should be your Texas Hill Country Hideaway SEP 14 2011

“The Four Seasons of Fredericksburg” should be your Texas Hill Country Hideaway

(Excerpt from a travel review in The Houston Chronicle, which was posted on the writer’s blog; used with permission. View full blog post on MoreThanMary, A Lifestyle Blog. Photo: Mary Rambin)

This place was like the Four Seasons of bed and breakfasts!  I soon found out that Southern Living Magazine concurred, naming FHF [Fredericksburg Herb Farm] one of the best Hill Country destinations of 2011.

My little house was beautifully appointed with rocking chairs on the patio, a few antiques mixed with modern pieces, a lovely headboard, a flat screen tv, a shower with a stone reflexology floor, delicious herbal bath products, and free wifi.  Wait, there’s more.

The bed that was made with hand-ironed sheets was undoubtedly more comfortable than the beds at the Four Seasons, Peninsula, and Ritz Carlton.  Getting out of this heavenly cloud might be difficult if I didn’t know that the most delicious homemade cinnamon was waiting for me in my mailbox outside on Saturday morning.

We all know that visiting Fredericksburg is usually more about strolling the town than staying in your hotel.  But in this case, I found myself perfectly content to spend a day tucked in the hideaway.  The herb garden was almost in full bloom and offered the perfect place to curl up with a book in the morning and enjoy a good girls’ conversation over a bottle of wine at sunset.

Mary Rambin, Publisher
Houston, TX

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